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This community-based site is dedicated to helping you jump-start your design with the Xilinx Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoCs and UltraScale+ MPSoCs. We’ve provide documentation, reference designs, and training material for several Zynq-based kits including the Ultra96, MiniZed and ZedBoard. These kits are an ideal starting point for learning about Zynq and turning your design ideas into reality.

Sometimes it’s faster, less costly, and lower risk to incorporate an off-the-shelf solution instead of designing from the beginning. We’ve provided information on a wide variety of System-On-Modules (SOM) and Single Board Computers (SBC) from the UltraZed, PicoZed, MicroZed and Mini-ITX families.

Today’s time-to-market demands are forcing you to rethink how you design, build and deploy your products. We hope you’ll find tools and solutions to help you along the way, allowing you to focus your efforts on adding differentiating features and capabilities to your products. We’ll do our best to support you through the community support forums and the on-line training section. Have fun!